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Hi All, just joined the team and looking forward to getting started.Any advice for a new member?

I'm happy to be part of UCN ..thank you

i so happy to join ucn

I've just joined ucn looking forward peer to peer group let's work

We are winners

Hi everyone, I joined ucn on February now I am on level 3 and am working very hard to reach level 4. Thanks ucn for the great opportunity. Long live ucn!

Hi members just joined today am looking toward to work with ucn team

Hi team, I joined the winning team on February and am happy to say in a week I will be one of level 4 members. I have 1 account on level 3 and 4 accounts on level 1. Thanks ucn

I joined on 1Febr and now I am on level 3 I am pleased to say on next week I will be on level 4. With my team we are rocking.

Achieved level 2 in less than 1 hour.and am very sure to reach level 4 soon.

Hi, I joined yesterday and is only by prayer we can reach our goals 80k..... Halala UCN halala.

I achieved level 2 in one day.im happy Money all the way

Guys we got this, lets push, we can do it@ level 2 right now

Hello team is very nice ti be UCN joined 14 January now on level 3 receiving 900.

Hey guys Ive just joined 80K here i come

Hi all, I'm glad I also joined, am at level 2, let's push guys, 80k is the goal

I joined UCN yesterday and 2moro I'll be going to level 2 by nxt wik on level 3 n will make sure that each wik I'm moving to another level. That's my plan.

Hi I have joined UCN on the 1st of February and now on level 2 pushing to be on on 3 by the end of this week.what I do is that I help my downliners to have those 2 2s so that by the end of Marc im on level 4 can't wait to have 80k on my bank account.

Hie I'm so grateful to submit to you all that UCN works. I joined this UCN last week and I'm please to say I'm on level 3.

Hie I've jus joined UCN today and pleased to say tomorrow I'll be on level 2 and I'm looking forward to my R80k by next week. Viva Team Excellence upward we move.

I joined UCN on 28th Jan 2019, im almost to step into level 3. Patience pays off, if you wait patiently, have faith, and dont nag, in no time, you'll be having R80k in the palm of your hand. Halaala UCN. THX for making dreams come true.

Hi i joined UCN 4th of Feb n already on Level3 down with poverty

Am No flat so from Gauteng. I joined UCN on 29 January 2019, today I was surprised by an SMS of money received, thanks to Team Excellence. Am fully paid and upgraded to level. Viva UCN Viva

Am No flat so from Gauteng. I joined UCN on 29 January 2019, today I was surprised by an SMS of money received, thanks to Team Excellence. Am fully paid and upgraded to level. Viva UCN Viva

I've joined UCN last week on de 01/02/2019 I'm already on level 2, Im working hard to get my 80k n I know that by end February I'll be rich. Pretty

I joined UNC on 3 February today it's 6 February am already on level 2 I beleive in 2 weeks to come I will be last level ,I can't wait to grab K80

I have jusy joined UCN on the 1st of January and looking forward into having 80k into my account I am working hard recruiting,yes people are difficult but nothing will stop me. Forward I go coz I have big dreams for this year tired of being broke.

UCN is the best we can break this chain of being poor by team work.halala UCN


I joined on the 24th January 2019. On the 28th, I was on Level 2. Am on my way to level 3. http://www.unitedcrowdnetwork.com/account/register?referral=Khonzeni

This network is truly working. In my first account I moved to Level 3 with 3XR600. In my second account also I'm on level 3 with 4XR600.00 in the space of one week. Now I'm waiting for that avalanche of R900.00s into my two accounts. Thank you leadership. Praise the Lord.

Thank you UCN I'm on level three and i got my 600*4 boom boom in my account to day

Thank you UCN I'm on level three and i got my 600*4 boom boom in my account to day

I want to thank Dr. Lydia Moeng for introducing me to UCN I'm now in Level 3 now I believe that 2019 is my year of hope, prosperity and wealth 80000 is knocking I can smell it.

In seven days I have managed to be level 3 ucn s working

I joined on 24 January 2019 level 2 already am smelling 80k

I have joined UCN on 15/01/2019 and I am already in level 2 , I am smelling level 3 not later than 26/01/2019 R80.000 you are mine wena

It's good to see that UCN is not only in SA

I only joined UCN family on 14 January 2019 and now I on level 3 I would like to thank my team to be where I am now and would like to encourage everybody in this house to focus and never ever listen to negative people (people who fail before they start ) Baleka ngezinyawo zombili kulabobantu this train is moving ?Asambeni?

Let me thank ucn on behalf of my downline who climbed the ladder in one day to reach Level 3. This proves the power of networking. Forward ever with ucn...Kapopa

I started on the same day when ucn was formed here in Lusaka Zambia and I have got my first 600 lm now on stage two already waiting for my 2 by 600 working hard to stage 3 18:57 PM Written by John Zulu

Where do I start I became UCN member the very first day it was launched and I worked very hard I never stopped I had no festive with my team we remain focused and now I am reaping the rewards today I just received R5000x2 am so happy right now. The goal is for my team to get where I am and we will . Am off to pay my son school fees tomorrow .... lastly Mbali wow that lady has been so amazing even on Christmas day she was there for us keep it up dear

HEY I Joined on the 14 January 2019 and i already receive my first R600,waking hard to level three regards debora

Am happy to be part of ucn proud me thanx ucn

Team UCN Zambia we are moving we did it again our crowd is growing big and big every day.Team work pays a lot. Poverty see us see no more.

I am smelling the 600x4 in my Acc. ???????????????????? I really can’t wait. Money money ????????

Wooow working with fellow africans at the neighboring country Zambia. Already in level 3 in two days. Dedicated team. R80 000 see me I am coming. Kedi Motshwene

So far so good

600×4boom into my bank account ppl ucn works

UCN is working..... I'm working towards my 80k

UCN is real in two days I am on level 3 I am waiting for 900*8 now

Ucn is working

Received payment from Xolisile

From 1st December iam with level3 with my two downliners Level 2 we got 15 Registered paid members Level 1 we got 18 paid awaiting. We have a very disciplined WhatsApp group and we are strongly believe in each other and all work hard. We also got our older 1950's member Mom Ntombi UCN is incredible Regards Dan

This is an amazing way of making money,R600×4 coming my way.

Joined last week Friday and already I'm on level 2 waiting for Payments of R600 ?? next move is to invite my family members. Thanks to UCN

We have started our group on the 1st December and now iam in level 3 with my first downliner.Level2 we got 23 paid members and 17 members in level 1. We are working hard as a team and our group is very disciplined.Thanks to UCN Regards Dan

1st 600 in d bag. Lets keep working team so dat we all upgrade. 2geda we can

Im happy

I joined on the 4th of December,now I'm on level 3 already received my 600x4 now waiting for my 900x8 all Thanx to my great team

UCN is real guys... I am moving towards Level 3 - I joined the last week of December and recruited my husband and daughter - we work as a team to ensure that we all move towards our target. The time is now - join the winning team - procrastination is the thief of time.

Joined this morning and I'm already upgrading to level 2, let's make money guys.

In less than 24 hours I upgraded to level 2

Yes... If we do it with this spirit... Then UCN will alleviate our troubles financially and otherwise...

I have received my first six hundred I can feel the movement of success in this home of faith and dedication

I joined early December and in 2 weeks advanced to level 3. I got my partner in on just after Christmas and He's just upgraded to level 3. This really works. Join my team www.unitedcrowdnetwork.com/account/register?referral=MakaPhawo

Thanx god...festive its over.busy recruiting and my team is on fire.im on level 3.from 25 January i will start to receive my R900 × 8 .thank u so much UCN no more stress of month end with UCN anytime is tea time From Mpho Johnson

it only took me about one month to get to level 3 ,so be proud to join UCN because it really does wonders but you have to put up good work never rest a wise man once said 'suffer now and enjoy the good results of your good work in the near future"

I joined last week and I am already in Level 2 and I am.looking forward to upgrade to Level 3 in.no time

I joined on the 28th around midnight and on saturday the 29th i was already on level 2. UCN is working wonders and i can already see my 80k. Halala UCN halala.

Joined on the 20th of Dec on the 21st had already upgraded to level2 and today the 28th of Dec have upgraded to level3 .praying that i get to 2019 already in level4 my R80k is waiting for me??.thanks UCN for this opportunity it came at the right time

I am on level 3 and only 5 people away from level 4. UCN is the present and the future of peer to peer. www.unitedcrowdnetwork.com/account/register?referral=Thabote1

Thank you UCN for changing my way of thinking.. i had just given up but Am pushing all the way....

Thanks to UCN I'm working out to get my 9x800 ....soon it will be booooooom

I joined UCN today and I'm already on level 2 , thanks UCN for coming my way.

Thanx UCN for changing my life. Alrdy in Level 3 waiting for my downliners to upgrade to Level 3 as well. 80k here we come.

Joined UCN on the 26th of December and am already on level 3 .All thanks to my team ,R80 000 here we come.

UCN you are the best. Joined 30 November n already in Level 3. Expecting my 8×900s soon as all my 8 downliners are on Level 2 the moment they upgrade to Level 3 boom 900 into my acc.

Woow this working indeed level three already.

I believe UCN will take me far..I joined on the 14 December and now on level 3 with 14 members and waiting for my last $600...for those who don't believe...keep watching

This business is real guys..i join on the 24 of Dec ..i 2days time im in level 2 Mushati Tari

UCN is real, I am on level 2 with group of 6 people. By 31st December will be on levels 3. I am excited about this opportunity. From Masana T.

UCN has made it possible for evry different individual to realise d importance of working as a team n d power of oneness in truth n in spirit. M 10x richer frm js R300 for my faith n hope to UCN. Belive it or not, my total earnings wit UCN r over 5k in 1month wit 27 active members, 18 prospects, 31 leads n 7 active personal accounts, wit one on level3, 3 on level 2 n 3 on level one. I thank God for opening my eyes on UCN!??????????????????????

Viva ucn waiting for my first 600

It's working for me, life is good. UNC I'm on level 2 waiting for R600*4

I have received my 1st 600 now lam waiting for the other three six hundreds. United crowd network Is real let us work hard.

UCN u are the best. I joined on 30 November and now am in level 3, most of my down liners are on level 2. It's working for me, life is good.

Viva ucn viva ucn your the best am now on level 3 ??


UCN UCN Wow where do I start. When I joined this network 6 November 2018 it started as a dream today I am among those who have circled out Level 4 ohhh yes 80k achiever. My team it's time we work even harder so everyone can achieve level 4. Rome was not built in one day. It's not easy but it's worth it. Team Cape town Kubooooo

I have hope to upgrade to last stage. Im at level 2 now.. still waiting forward

Hi everyone UCN is real be positive recruit for the advancement of the team. All is good

Joint on 15th Dec n hv already upgraded to level 2. Paylid my assigned member 600 n now awaiting my 600 * 4. Well done Ucn this is so xciting..

I am the UCN member in good standing. I am really delighted to be part of the winning team. I didn't understand before when people speak of levels but now I get it "LEVELS BABA!" From level one to level two within no space of time... hopping to move to next levels with lots of recruits. The strategy that the UCN is using is of high intellectual value... Forward UCN forward...

Morning wow ucn its wow joined on the 15th dec and on the 17 dec upgraded to level 2, now waiting for my 600*4.....am debt freeeeee halala ucn

My peers I receive my 300 UCN is really working let's work hard

Tnx UCN for being loyal.I hv received my stage 2 last 600 even though i upgraded to stage3 nd have also received 3/8 900 so far.I am looking forward to my last 5 (900) to enter level 4 (80 000k)and i am positive that its going to happen.

UCN is the best, am in level 3 in three weeks time wow! Don't give up guys UCN is the real deal.

I thank UCN for changing our financial background.I received 7500 so far . Come January we will get our 80 000.

Hi Guys,UCN is working,lets work together,just got my first R600 ??????

I received my 300*2 I upgraded I received my 600*4 I upgraded Then so far I received my first 900

Morning money team when I first heard about this Stokvel I was very sceptical since we had so many other schemes that were presented before and were failure. But today I am taking the different language I am now on level 3 and have already received my 3rd R900 and I am very close to my R80K This doesn't come easy it is hard work and dedication and recruiting as many people as possible. So everyone who still have doubts this works I am here to tell you that hard work pays out. And believe and trust in God So my money team let's keep on focused on the prize. Have a blessed day and happy holidays. Broman

What is exciting about UCN is that you can have as many accounts as you wish as long as you can be able to manage all your accounts?? The system is user friendly even grannies can be able to join and UCN benefits, which is cash straight into your account...no manga...manga business. I would also like to urge all members of UCN to honor and respect the system , always check what is happening into your account... upgrade and approve when required to do so....as this will speed up the process and everyone get a chance to receive their 80k Let's keep recruiting and inviting family members /relatives/friends/ colleagues and other acquittance's I'm on level 3 and looking forward to reach the last level.... Presaaa Pushaaa Pandas!!!

It is really working, I joined on the 6th of December and am now on level2,I just cant wait to pop in on level3........together we can guys. Ciao!

I joined on the 14 November and on the 29 November I was depositing 5000 and still waiting for my 80k,by only 300 everyone's life can be changed.Halala UCN halala

Um just going to enjoy my benefits as um on level 4 as we speak,can't wait for my 80k.Thank u support for quick response whenever needed.salute.

I would like to thank support team,u respond quickly to us when we meet problems,thank u so much um on level four waiting for my 80k.

UCn is reality i received 900x7 and cant wait to upgrade to level 4. That excitement!!Viva UCN!

My UCN journey I joined UCN on 03rd December 2018 Reached level 2 in 2 days Reached level 3 in 8 days, made a profit of 1500 Currently have 20 members under me, 10 at level 2 and 10 at level 1 Im so grateful, still pushing hard towards the 80k

Hi team, I joined UCN on 19 November and by 28 November i had already paid someone R5000. This means it took me only 9 days to be on level4, if we put our mind to it we can all achieve our goal which is to receive R80000. Together we can, with 2 recruits each we can... With only R300 we can

Thank you UCN I joined two weeks ago now I'm in level 2 and I get my first E600 I'm looking forward for the rest. I see my dreams come true.

I'm grateful to UCN I've joined 3 weeks ago I'm on level 3 ,I have received my R1500 profit it was of great help

We have a Great Team at UCN that's very supportive n responsive to our Cry Keep.it up UCN Support We.striving for.the BETTER and with your HELP we going Far Bless you all

I joined UCN 2 Weeks ago. I got my first R1500 profit and now helping my downliners with new recruitments while I'm heading for my 2nd profit. ??

UCN You are the best I cannot ask for more Networks because you are too Legit?? I mean from the people to the system I'm proud shame! The members are friendly and very helpful.... The system is perfect and yeah My Leader Keitumetse Sejake ayyyyy Thanks. I'm not far as yet but trust me I'm still happy ??

I found out about ucn from my sister and I thought let me try and see. So far I'm on stage 2 working on stage 3. Very simple to use and understandable

thanks unc i received my first 600

This is the best. Thank you UCN!!

Thank you to UCN I joined in three weeks back but now am in level 3 got my first R900 rand now assisting my downliners to push until something happens. am so proud of you UCN.

I joined on the 30th of November and the following day I got paid the 600! I upgrated with it and I am now at level 2..

Tnks to ucn now received my first 900.

Joined just a week ago and upgraded quickly to level 2.Will upgrade to level 3 within this week.The team rocks.Sithembiso 777

I love ucn I'm on level 3 now waiting for 8 *900

Wau I move to level two the day that I join oh thanks

UCN is the eay to go. ive got money bcoz of you. thank you ????????

Mmmh the power of R300 UCN thank you now I waiting for my R5000×16 I got all my R900× 8 Long-lived UCN long-lived thank you to all management ??

Got paid for my level 2 and upgraded to level 3 will shortly upgrade to level 3

UCN is very interested remember what does not cost you it will not pay you ...R300 can change your completely try it and see..if you dont believe it try your mockers they will be surprised

Wow ! Thanks UCN for this wonderfull plaform now I'm receiving R900's . thanks admins Ishnail, Unathi and Nontobeko for helping me and my team.

Wow,this is amazing I have received my 600×4 now I'm in level 3 in two weeks. May the Lord grant us the strength to push and not to give up. Thanks to Tebo Mabunda who is of great help to me and she's the one who introduced the business to me. Keep on with your good heart my angel ??????

Wow! Thank you UCN, I've paid my daughters 2019 fees! I have 4 accounts because it's easy to manage, my 64 year old mom @VuyiswaM is on level 3! Thank you UCN 2019 is gonna be financially smooth! ??????

UCN Rocks???

That feeling when u just upgraded with 5k after receiving 6×900. And boom the other 2. UCN is the best.

Wau, im getting crazy about this UCN an i dnt know what to say about this money , it cames at the right time ... Because I'm at level 3 now an i were not believe this i thought is a joke but now my back account is laughing every day , wuuu thank u very much UCN.... MY TEAM LETS US KEEP IT UP TO PUSH FORWARD........ Here is Namibia

UCN has really taught me a lot. Besides the amount of money you make here it teaches you patience and team work. I’m now on Level 4 and will soon be receiving my 5Ks. Thank you so much also to MBALI in support: she is AMAZING and so helpful and even helps on weekends and after hours. Grateful for this opportunity and after enjoying my holiday money I’m coming back to make 2019 money. Here’s to many more UCN ??

At first it sounded too good to be true! but I decided to give it a try..I took that risk with my R300 and guess what?...I'm smiling alone when I receive those smses from the bank (UCN deposits)..ooh!..best feeling ever!!!!..on level 2 in just few days...level 3 here I come uzobona!! UCN you are the future papa!

Hi I am a proud UCN member with 10 accounts in the platform and have a team of over 500 people I joined the very same day this system was launched. I must say at first I did not see which DIRECTION I was going but the day I spoke to the support lady mbali which explained very well how the system works I then told my self the is no turning back today am proud to say I am on level 4 and have received R5000x8 my target is cycling out level 4 on my first account before the end of December. All I can say to people who are new push your business with passion dont give up UCN is really a game charger .

I just want to give a big shout out to the hard working group. I was frustrated after transfering money to someone, who took time before approving my payment and my account was blocked and I contacted the support group regarding the matter and send all the conversation we had with the person before the account was blocked. The support group respond to my problem immediately and the person approve the payment and my account is unblocked. Thank you very much Written by Antonnette

UCN rocks .!!! Within weeks time in level 3 waiting for my R900's.Join my winning team uzobona??

Hi my name is Charity Seikaneng I just join UCN last week Monday and i am on level 3 it's runs so fast if we could work hard friends there will be no mere Poverty.Halala halala UCN

Received 600×4....upgraded. watch the space...my team is on fire

Thubelihle here...guess what i received my first 5k...UCN u are a real game changer...80k here I come

UCN wa rocka. D best amongst the rest. Watch this space. 5ks coming my way

Wow, UCN is way too legit for me i have received 6x900 and i upgraded with R5000 yesterday, but i learned a lot for example balancing of legs pays off, but im happy that the work i put in is now paying off, to those who lost hope and gave up they dont know what they are missing... thank you very Much UCN....keep up the good work

I joined UCN exactly 4 week sago today. I reached level 4 in 13 days. In 21 days, I recieved my 1st R5000. I am now working with my downlines to get them to level 4, so I can receive the rest of my R5000s. I also have 2 profiles that are level 3. I am managing 3 other profiles that are also level 3. Thank you to whoever came up with this great network! Regards GqimDlav

UCN Wethu UCN the game changer All I want to say is thank u for this opportunity it is working and changing our lives am based at Lusikisiki eastern Cape the team here is on fire. And let me not forget the most humble lady our Mbali who works day and night making sure our problems are resolved keep it up with your support team. 2019 here we come

it is wprking i have recieved my R600 by 4

Ucn network is the answer to our financial problem. Received 900x7. Too good to be true

My username is Sbudar from Durban. UCN is d best matrix i ever came across. Am working hard with my team and i will soon receive my 5th R900

Wow! This is future! When my sponsor showed me this, I said this is great, I told him that wait I will get back to you. I went down on the site and man wow! The only thing then was a consent was the SSL certificate wasn't there or expired (https). But nevertheless I said for it is so transparent I'm going in. I took me about 24hrs to make that decision. I got back up to the guy (my sponsor) and said, Man I have done my home work, send me every info and your link as well I want in. The date was 28th November 2018 afternoon when I paid him his R300 by hand (One of the things that i like about this...Direct funding!). Since that day on-wards this opportunity sold itself over to many tha were in my circle in just 24hrs after joining I upgraded to level 2. It never stopped, at work it was trending and some of my prospects joined and 4hrs later upgrade to level 2. Today I'm at level 3, just 8 days into the system and things are happening! I upgraded a day before yesterday (05-12-2018) paying R900 to my sponsor's, sponsor's, sponsor! (You know that's how it works). To whoever created this... To you I say thank you, I pray it stay 100% free of charge to signup! This is a great system and a great way to liberate many poor and average people from financial stress. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Mr TC Mxokozeli, Port Elizabeth ZA

UCN is the power i have received my R900x8 in one day and it shows that this network is legit and working for its members I'm waiting for my R5000x16=R80000 in due course. VIVA UCN VIVA!